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The unified digital customer experience.

Digital technologies and business models, are driving a dramatic shift in how we live and work. Companies are witnessing increased volatility, new forms of competition, new business models and pressures on existing revenue streams. Pixeloute is helping companies in the e-commerce industry through finance, travel and retail to shift and reinvent their business, marketing,  design and technology to improve customer experiences.

The Pixeloute Approach

How We Work

We practise a philosophy of honest excellence, meaning that we aim to not only identify customers that are right for us, but clients that we're right for. By judiciously assessing and selecting the projects we choose to take on to match our particular fields of expertise, we try to ensure that all of our customers receive a superlative level of service.

We're not a full-service agency and neither do we aspire to be — you won't find a hierarchy of designers, developers and managers doing tons of busy-work here. What you will find is a small team of highly knowledgeable consultants who have decades of collective experience between them and are passionate about applying their expertise to help our customers achieve and exceed their own business ambitions. We focus purely on helping you to gain a clearer perspective of the markets you're operating in and developing the necessary strategies to compete successfully across them.

At the same time, we work closely with a network of trusted partners to deliver specialist consultancy or implementation services when necessary. We can manage all the moving parts seamlessly, providing our customers the flexibility and capabilities of an agency, while retaining the deep expertise and laser focus of a consultancy.

Our Core Values

1.0 Be Innovative and Pioneering

To consistently seek new ways to innovate and explore opportunities for the future. 

2.0 Create Legacy

We want to build a for the future and not just for today. We want to encourage and inspire the next generation to do more and achieve more through the work we do. 

3.0 Be Courageous

We want people to boldly take charge of the work they are involved in and be courageous in sharing their ideas and even implementing them.

4.0 Be Respectful and open

We want to respect the opinions of our clients and the people we work with while treating others as we would treat ourselves. 

5.0 Be insightful and suprising

We seek to apply knowledge we have with the best methods to achieve goals strategically.

6.0 Respect Wellness

We seek the best for our employees and foster an environment of care for the wellness of all team members.

7.0 Be Fast and Agile

Delay hinders progress whereas energy is compelling and contagious. We are independent and unrestrained, we move swiftly and are flexible.

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