The History

At the beginning of 2017, Pixeloute launched an initiative called PIX 100 which defined a goal of providing business support to 100 startup businesses over the course of the year. The programme initially offered a combination of business consulting and coaching services to a selection of founders, but after considering the scalability of that approach, we decided to start hosting monthly events where we could deliver value for a broader audience.

Our inaugural event, hosted at our office at the London Shard, saw over 20 guests absorbing presentations on topics including marketing strategies, business innovation and diversification of income streams. From this start, over the course of the year, we continued to build a growing community of attendees who consumed knowledge from the Pixeloute team and a roster of expert guest speakers and panellists addressing areas of business ranging from branding and social media marketing to customer acquisition and technology strategy.

As we analysed the audience of young, motivated entrepreneurs and founders our events were attracting and the feedback they were providing, our team started to recognise that this programme deserved to have its own space and independent resources in order to grow and reach its full potential.

The Future

In December 2017, Pixeloute formally introduced the new brand under which we'll be offering all of our startup training, support and mentoring services in the future.

Digitive is a social enterprise with a mission of empowering under-represented young people to compete in a digital world by providing them with training, experience, support and opportunities.

We are currently in the process of creating an independent non-profit entity and raising the necessary financial support to allow us to successfully implement the vision we've defined for Digitive, which includes a new breed of digital agency, an online training platform and a more ambitious schedule of seminars, workshops and other events.

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