Gary is a relentlessly entrepreneurial software professional with over twenty years’ experience of leading and delivering successful websites and web applications. Starting his career as web developer, he's gone on to found and direct a number of businesses built around his interests in digital technology and community-building.

Despite shifting his focus onto the strategic aspects of digital delivery, he still retains an active interest in web and mobile application development, particularly in the areas of continuous delivery and DevOps.

In addition to his strong technical background, he's proven to be a natural leader with excellent communication skills that allow him to act comfortably and effectively as a consultant, public speaker, facilitator and mentor.

In his free time, Gary enjoys travelling, motorcycling, snowboarding and taking on obstacle course races.

Gary Says

The value of deep, accurate and actionable data within the modern organisation can't be understated. In today's hyper-competitive online environment, it's crucial for forward-thinking businesses to eliminate guesswork and rely on data-driven strategies in order to compete and thrive.

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