Since 2011, Laith has worked with entrepreneurs and world-class corporations designing better customer experiences. He has a passion for UX Design and has created successful digital customer experience strategies for some of world's biggest brands.

Through his UX Design and Strategy approach, he provides e-commerce businesses with a rigorous 4-step process that uncovers their ideal audience, delivers solutions that grow revenue, leads the right customers to their presence and maximises their ROI.

Laith's talents lie at the crossroads between business, psychology, design thinking and creativity; he regularly shares his knowledge and expertise with over 10000 UX Design professionals and students through his Youtube channel.

In his free time, Laith enjoys skating, travelling and spending time with his wife and young famiy.

Laith Says

The key steps to building a great digital customer experience are to: understand your customer better than anyone else; identify the strengths, needs and goals of your business; create new or improve existing offerings that engage with the customer; then test, refine and repeat.

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Understanding Teens and Their Smartphone Habits

Today’s teenagers are mobile natives, meaning the constant connectedness a smartphone enables is a central fact of life for them

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Don’t Become A UX Designer If…

Recently I’ve been able to speak to some great people and so many people I’m talking to want to become a UX Designer as they see how beneficial it is. According to linkedin it will be one of the most...

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