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Since Deliveroo started in 2013 it’s now on track to becoming the fastest growing tech company in Europe according to the financial times.

The company’s revenue grow incredibly in 2016 from £18 million to £129 million this was a 611% growth. According to Business Insider most of Deliveroo’s growth came from Deliveroo’s international markets, with revenue from countries outside the UK “increasing substantially.” In 2016, the London-headquartered startup had expanded to 84 cities in 12 countries. It now operates in 120 markets across 12 countries, and has 120,000 restaurant partners.

According to the firm’s financial filing for the year to 31 December, there was one exceptional cost of £5.3 million, which is how much it cost Deliveroo to rebrand last year.

According to THE MEMO Deliveroo topped the ranking, with a record-breaking, unbelievable growth rate of 107,117% over the last four years – by comparison, 2015’s winner, WorldRemit, was growing at ‘just’ 20,385%.

Now in 2018 Deliveroo is set to become Europe’s fastest growing tech companies and it’s incredible to see their growth. In this article I take the time to go through their User Experience and Marketing strategy to see what we can learn. We may never see this kind of growth again from another company in such a short space of time and I believe there are some great gems we can learn from when looking at some of their actions.



Deliveroo is generally used through their mobile app where customers can order food directly from restaurants and fast food chains. As a result, you can see that users would spend most of their time browsing through to find something they want, browsing to find something new or ordering from somewhere they know. The design of the mobile app is very simple in tasks for the user but very complex as there are so many different parts of the user journey that has to work seamlessly online as well as offline for a great user experience to happen. I have categorised the User Experience across three specific areas and these are;



  • The design of the Deliveroo app stands out against it’s competition. The colour scheme is a bright shade of green which is different from Uber’s black and grey and Just Eat’s red as their main colour.
  • The branding of the company is very clear and consistent across all digital platforms and the experience on mobile and desktop is seamless and integrated.
  • The fonts and iconography are clean and simple to read and the space between each button is clear and big enough for users to make a decision.
  • The UI is simple and intuitive which has streamlined the food delivery workflow.



  • The navigation on the Deliveroo app is clear and simple.
  • In the menu bar below on the app, there are simply three super category options for users to choose from. This allows users to make decisions ver quickly and understand where they are in their journey.
  • The filters tab also helps users to make more granular decisions without it feeling overwhelming and intrusive.
  • Payment within the Deliveroo app is integrated well with Apple Pay which allows payment to be made quickly.



  • The restaurant feed also has big imagery to entice users to make a selection as this image is a major part of the decision making especially if a user is trying a restaurant for the first time. Chef Sean Bone explains that “Food presentation is just as essential to the success of a dish as its taste and flavour.  The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it. Imagine how your room looks when it’s messy and how it looks when you clean it up, the same ingredients, different results. It is just as true with food presentation and how the elements are arranged on the plate.”

Now I want to take some time and go through the customer journey.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Deliveroo’s Geolocation tools are very simple to understand. The app shows your restaurants close to the location that can deliver food to you. This means that you only have a certain selection of restaurants to choose from depending on the time of the day.


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Streamlined Visual Design

From discovery to order completion, it’s clear that Deliveroo has really focused in on the UI design to reduce unnecessary interactions. This is critical to getting food to your door in the least amount of time. If there are too many options then users would suffer from choice paralysis.

A single tap adds items to your basket and a quick selection also allows the user to very quickly increase the quantity of the items in their basket also. If you change your mind a single swipe deletes items from your order which is a very simple interaction.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Easy To Use Payments

You do not have to continuously input payment details in the Deliveroo app they have designed it to be so easy for iPhone users the app defaults to Apple Pay saving people from the hassle of trying to find their card to input their details. All you have to do is confirm your payment with Touch ID.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Continuous updates

Deliveroo gives you complete transparency as to where you order is and how far their delivery is from your house. This is a great tool that allows users to track where their order is and remove the “unknown” from food delivery especially when someone is hungry. Removing the ambiguity from food delivery provides users with an easy to use stress-free customer experience that builds trust and keeps users coming back for more.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Continuous Improvements

Similar to apps like Uber you are asked to rate your previous order with a rating out of 5 stars. When you capture feedback from your users it’s a great way to make changes with a continuous feedback loop. You can focus on the main pain points people are having with the experience at scale as all users are asked to give feedback.


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


Deliveroo claims it has reduced its delivery times by 20% with a new algorithm called “Frank”

‘Frank’ algorithm is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way of distributing orders based on the location of restaurants, riders and customers.

Machine learning helps to predict the time it will take to prepare a meal, helping to streamline the delivery experience. Deliveroo has already cut delivery time by 20%, meaning riders are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase their earnings, restaurants are able to increase their sales, and – of course – customers get their food even faster.



Now I want to take some time and deep dive into their marketing strategy. As everyone knows to build a successful company you also need to build a solid brand and Deliveroo have truly done that. Ther rebrand in 2016 was successful in differentiating them in the marketplace. On the streets everyone knows the deliveroo bike riders as the colours are hard to miss. I’m mainly paying attention to their market strategy and taking a deep dive into some analytics that are publically available.


Traffic Sources

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


Its clear to see that Deliveroo is getting a ton of direct traffic, mainly thanks to their strong offline marketing efforts and their also are alot of Deliveroo bike riders delivering food which also acts like mini mobile billboards. Almost Over 30% comes from search which is great to see. Their social media marketing is not as strong as it potentially could be and I feel there is a great opportunity to do more through Facebook Ads and retargeting with special offers and potential discounts.


Let’s go over these sources one by one.




Deliveroo has an incredible 3.3 million visitors per month.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


You have to remember that although Deliveroo is a tech company they specialise in food deliveroo.

On average, users spend almost 6 minutes on the website, with 5-6 page views and a bounce rate of only 32.96%. These stats show that the website is engaging and interactive. Users enjoy navigating browsing through different restaurants to make a decision on what to eat.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


According to SEMRush, Casper ranks for 115K keywords on the UK market, their largest market by far. In America, that number is still high with 88.7k keywords.

The website also ranks highly for keywords such as “chinese takeaways”, “take away”, “delivery” and “pizza”. However Deliveroo still has areas for growth with other food groups like indian and caribbean food.


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


And even though Deliveroo ranks for a large number of keywords, most of their higher rankings are related to their product. The website still lacks higher rankings for generic keywords around the subject of food.



The Deliveroo blog provides alot of great insights and information on what’s new, food trends, restaurant profiles, inspiration, recipes and promotions on new offers. There is great content here that engages with their audience and gets them inspired to try new food but there is a great opportunity for their content marketing to improve and really dominate within their marketplace.

But this is a business decision as to whether they feel it’s important for them to spend more time on their content marketing.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


I also noticed that the blog is on a different url which could b for a combination of reasons. When you separate your website and blog, it creates two separate entities that need your attention. And now, with things like Time On Site and Bounce rate contributing to your website rankings, you can’t let users spend their time on pages that Google sees as a different domain.

What this means in practical terms is that:

  1. Any pages on your subdomain won’t add to your total indexed pages for a site. Google is looking at how much you expand and enrich your content, and splitting your blog will make it appear as though your website is totally static while the subdomain is getting more attention.
  2. All the inbound links that well-written blogs naturally attract will not contribute any value to your website. So all your work won’t contribute to your rankings like it could.

Deliveroo may have felt that putting their blog on a different URL allows a user to make a targeted decision to enter their postcode and browse for food. I can assume that having a blog on a different link allows them to create certain content like recipes which could make users want to just try it themselves rather than ordering through Deliveroo.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


Now although these articles do have a good amount of social media shares there is still more that can be done to create more engagement.

Let’s have a look at the top performing blog post on the website. Deliveroo’s ultimate pizza guide 


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.The Users can relate to the content more when it’s more visual and interactive. Although there are a ton of images within this article which is great here are some tips that they can add to the content also;

  • Add a quiz to ask users and what they do with their pizzas /
  • Add in questions and encourage users to leave a comment below with their best pizza toppings that they love.
  • Add a short video to show users exactly how to create a great pizza.

These are all recommendations that would take this Deliveroo article from a simple article about making pizza to a 10x content piece about the subject.





How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Deliveroo has done really well to have 52k backlinks and this is one of the reasons why they get a great deal of organic traffic. This website is really high but Deliveroo still has the ability to bring in so much more.  The website generates a great deal of traffic and the brand has a strong presence on the streets of London through their delivery riders. You especially can see this in the direct traffic they are getting and the high search volume through Google.

Through Content Marketing and Social Media strategies, Deliveroo would create more engagement and discussion around their service. This would bring a whole new array of visitors, coming from various sources such as their social pages or referrals.

But when you look at their backlinks, for some reason their backlinks are slowly beginning to decrease over time. There could be multiple reasons as to why this is happening. Backlinks take a long time to build and you want to make sure that you are building links from high authority websites.

With a larger amount of backlinks, Deliveroo gains three important things:

  • An increase in referral traffic
  • Higher authority for the website, leading to an increase in rankings
  • Rankings for a larger amount of keywords

Together, integrated with their offline marketing, a strong Content Marketing and Social Media strategy would lead to more inbound links, increasing rankings, authority, and referral traffic.



How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

When looking at social media you can see that Deliveroo has a massive opportunity to grow their social presence even more. As a traffic source, Social Media is their fourth traffic source and that can be seen with the statistics saying that 1.40% of their traffic comes through social media. This number could be greatly improved especially because more could be done to increase brand awareness on social media using video.



How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


The Deliveroo Youtube channel has their ad videos, stories of their riders and Deliveroo in certain locations in the UK have been highlighted.  

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


However, the channel only has 1,015k subscribers, which is an area Deliveroo can work on. Their videos also don’t contain any links redirecting to the website. This is a shame as it would bring in even more visitors from YouTube. Also, their videos have not been optimised properly from their video tags, description box, cards, end cards and engagement rate through comments and likes. All these areas can be optimised more and considered. Youtube is a goldmine for traffic especially being the world’s second largest search engine.


If Deliveroo spent time developing a strong video strategy they could outrank their competition and over time gain more and more links to their website and downloads of their app organically without spending more money on advertising.



It’s clear to see that Deliveroo have spent a lot of time and energy on Facebook. Their page is full of amazing content and truly engaging.

With over 676,773 people like the page and 676,814 people follow the page you can see that they have a great deal of their community engaged in their page through Facebook.


676k+ is still quite a high number of followers.

But nothing compared to Just Eats 1.3 Million or Uber Eats 1.5 Million.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Let’s look at some of their performance stats.


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.


You can see the Uber Eats performs better over the past 3 months and are posting less than Deliveroo.


How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

One of the reasons could be because User Eats had better posts and more engaging content around the World Cup. This is a great way to engage people in conversation about the best food they like to eat, or their thoughts on who will win the World Cup. These are just a few things that could be done on social media to increase their social media engagement.


Deliveroo should take the following steps to upgrade their Facebook page and send more traffic to their website.

  • Increase frequency of posting to at least twice a day with their native content.
  • Post more video content but use people from different ethnicities and use paid ads to target people of a similar group. This means creating video content that is specific to certain demographics and through paid ads targeting you can test to see which demographic engages with the content the best.
  • Bring Facebook users to the Deliveroo website and not somewhere else. Give them strong reasons to sign up for the newsletter. This will allow Deliveroo to control the relationship with their audience more rather than having to rely upon Facebook to reach your audience and then paying money to reach your audience who already like your page.



Reddit is an interesting platform that shows that there is a conversation about your brand. It’s always good for brands to have people speaking about them as things bring a lot more organic traffic to the site. One thing that is spoken of a lot on Reddit is the Deliveroo riders.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.



Deliveroo has a strong presence on Twitter as well as on Facebook and posting on Twitter about 5 times a day. What Deliveroo do great on Twitter is that they post a lot of their own native content. This is brilliant for brand awareness and especially key when followers begin to retweet. It means that they are retweeting native content about Deliveroo rather than links from other websites.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.



Like most brands, it’s clear to see that there are always areas for improvement. What Deliveroo do extremely well is creating a lot of their own native content. The company can improve their social media strategy by adding a more video content into their content schedule. Looking at Deliveroo’s Youtube channel there is so much potential for their channel to be optimised and create more engaging content using video. If you look at brands like Dollar Shave Club they have utilised video extremely well to promote their brand.



Deliveroo has about 164k+ people that come from referral traffic. This is a lot of people coming to their website. Most of their traffic is coming from their partners. Restaurants like pizza express, taco bell and Wagamama. This shows that there is a great network of companies that use the Deliveroo service. These companies help Deliveroo to receive a high level of referral traffic without having to pay for it.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.




Email marketing has been receiving a lot of attention in the digital marketing world lately. Emails have huge potential to bring in new customers. With strong email sequences and newsletters, users have a great chance to return to the website to order from a restaurant. It’s a great way to keep users connected to the brand.

Deliveroo has good email marketing in place. I subscribed to their newsletter and have since received a few great emails prompting me to interact and return to the website.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

But to enhance Deliveroo’s email marketing strategy, It has to be connected with the Content Marketing and a solid Social Media Strategy.

Let me explain.

Content that brings users into the top of the sales funnel is essential to drive user to order food and enter into Deliveroo’s customer journey. To build interest it’s great to use Email Marketing strategically to build interest in the brand. Email is great to use to build awareness of the brand and allow potential customers to convert and become consistent customers.

Once users give out their email is the goal of the brand to make sure that they keep connected regularly with their customers and help them make a decision and take action.

How Deliveroo Had 100,000% Average Revenue Growth Over 4 Years.

Once users have connected with the brand there are some essential things that needs to be done to keep people connected and bring them back to the site;

  • Use cookies for retargeting.
  • Keep asking users for their emails.


User’s knowledge and trust of the brand can increase through using email sequences to bring users back to the website. The goal is for users to only think about Deliveroo when they want to order food online.

There are some great ways that Deliveroo can bring users back to the website. Deliveroo already has 3.3 Million users who are already visiting the website, which is a strong base to build on.

Deliveroo can increase their email list by;

  • Utilising their content more is a great way to get users to provide their email addresses. Great content users will always want.
  • When new videos are created send those videos out to users through email.



Deliveroo has a great network with some of the biggest chain restaurants across the UK, with the majority being available exclusively on the Deliveroo app along with thousands of independent restaurants. As a result, the Deliveroo community is huge and diverse but the one thing that connects people is food.

The technology is one of the best in the industry and allows Deliveroo to know become Europe’s fastest growing company. There is still an opportunity for improvement in their digital marketing strategy but with such a strong base to build on it’s only a matter of time before Deliveroo moves to dominate their marketplace.





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