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A Design Sprint with Pixeloute is a 4-day process for cross-functional teams to brainstorm, define, and model new approaches to business challenges. It’s goal is to align the team, save time and focus on the right problems to solve.

Why use a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint gives companies one of the fastest ways to test ideas and build concepts that find out the validity of your value proposition, you can test if a product is worth developing and really see if a feature is worth the effort to work on. We believe that focusing on concepts over ideas gets to the core of what businesses need to do to improve their innovation process

Some of the brands we've worked with

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Design Sprint | Google Design Sprints | Design Thinking Process
Design Sprint | Google Design Sprints | Design Thinking Process

What does a Design Sprint look like?

The Design Sprint is essentially a 4-day intense workshop. The format gives teams a way to focus their attention on a very specific problem. The exercises embedded in the four days are designed to reduce politics, increase collaboration across functions and put the focus on tangible answers (outcomes) that solve business problems and increase value to users.

Design Sprint | Google Design Sprints | Design Thinking Process

What is the specific outcome?

The outcome of every Design Sprint Week is a high-fidelity interactive prototype. This prototype will be tested by real users and will allow us to gain clear insights on where to go next. We would not create a wireframe or paper prototype. This prototype will be created to be clickable and look and feel like the real thing.

Design Sprint | Google Design Sprints | Design Thinking Process
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Laith Wallace is the Co-Founder & UX Director of Pixeloute. He has consulted and advised businesses in 5 countries in over 20 different industries, teaching over 10,000+ people through his seminars, youtube videos and trainings. His strategies have helped his clients grow their business by 2-10X within 12 months.

He has worked on digital products for over 7 years and ran multiple design sprints to help teams build the right products and test ideas. Whether you need to create a new product from scratch, drastically improve a product or give your team an innovative kick, Laith has you covered.

What happens after a Design Sprint?

Once you have gain real insights from the user testing with the prototype of your product. This will help you to make better decisions with more clarity. If you choose to run a second sprint this will help to enhance and change aspects of the first draft but you will get closer to something ready to be built. You can also use the prototype to sell the idea further and develop the concept even more.

Design Sprint | Google Design Sprints | Design Thinking Process

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