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Welcome to the new and improved! After months of planning and hard work, we're happy to finally share the brand-new version of our website.

A lot’s changed at Pixeloute since we launched the original site — our positioning, services and team have all evolved significantly. We felt that it was important to develop a new digital experience that reflects where we’re headed as a team, and not be limited by where we started out.

One of the primary goals for our new site is to clearly express the value that we work hard to deliver to all our clients, so we’ve re-written all our content (and added more) to hopefully communicate our approach with greater clarity.

As enthusiastic advocates of UX design, a key priority was to ensure that our content can be accessed intuitively by all our visitors. We overhauled our information architecture to make user navigation around our current content as easy as possible, while the new user interface is more accessible, user-friendly and responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

Going forward, we plan to share our collective experience not only with our paying clients, but with a broader audience of marketers, managers and directors by expanding our library of insights with regular articles, videos, podcast episodes, downloadable guides and more.

Our launch represents the beginning of a new phase for our business — we’re excited to see where it takes us and we hope you’ll stick around for the journey. We’d love to hear your feedback; please share your comments or suggestions with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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