The Future Of Digital Commerce In 2018

User Experience

While Amazon’s trailblazing may seem daunting for digital retailers, there are many lessons that can be learned and borrowed from the brand’s successes.

It may seem hard to compete but there is so much to learn and implement on the digital front by utilizing a number of different strategies in unison to improve your digital customer experience.

In this episode I talk about how you can;
4:56 – Build and Retain an Active Audience
7:24 – Know Your Customers Better
8:57 – Focus on Your Customer Data
9:15 – Personalise your Shopping Experience
10:16 – Utilise The Power of the Wishlist
14:48 – Identify Pain Points in The Customer Journey
15:45 – Pay Attention To Shipping Costs
17:42 – Important Takeaways for 2018 eCommerce

Digitally understanding customers, and optimising platforms based on this understanding will remove the guesswork from the challenge of growing your store. Remember, it all starts and ends with the customer!

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