Who Are OSESS and What Do They Do?
The OSESS team had developed the concept for a tool that allows organisers to book all the resources they need for an event, quickly and easily. Our primary challenge was to help them gain a clear understanding of how to build a successful app from scratch.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the OSESS team was gaining a clear understanding of building their app from scratch. The goal was to simply create a tool that allows people to very quickly book everything they need for an event. The process needed to be quick and simple for users.  

OSESS Mobile Strategy
OSESS Mobile Strategy
OSESS Mobile Strategy

The Workshop

We used our solution called the BRANDMAX that allows us to clearly define the problems and prioritise the goals of the business for it's users. We took the time to understand the features and prioritise what goals to focus on. Our 3 days of workshops, followed by a series of outputs including user research, personas, user mapping and technical architecture requirements.

Our Solutions


We conducted a series of discovery sessions with the team to identify some of the fundamental goals and constraints of the project, including long-term vision, target audience, financial targets and resources, and competitive analysis. This process helped considerably to dispel mistaken assumptions and highlight previously unconsidered challenges and opportunities.

Requirements Analysis

With a clear understanding of what the OSESS team was trying to achieve, we were then able to start assessing and revising the original technical requirements they’d created. With the insights gained from our workshops, this involved some significant alterations to the original ideas, but the end result was a much more comprehensive set of specifications that the client felt represented a much more viable offering.We continued with the process by prioritising and scheduling the requirements set into a realistic product roadmap, with the focus being on developing a viable MVP to enable testing the market with a reasonable level of investment.

The Results

  1. Client gained an extensive understanding of the business and technical demands of the project, giving them a higher level of confidence in their ability to deliver
  2. We assisted the client with contacting, interviewing and selecting a preferred development partner from a set of suitable candidates
  3. The initial requirements helped the client to save money and time during the tendering process, thanks to the level of clarity for both themselves and the development candidates
  4. The resources and support we provided enabled the client secure investment into the project, which is currently in development