Brand monitoring is an important business analytics process which is implemented by strategically monitoring different channels on the web or social media in order to discover and respond to the spectrum of different sentiments about your brand, products, staff or any other aspect explicitly connected to your business.

Key Benefits

Competitive Analysis

By evaluating your primary competitors, you can understand what your common audiences think of them, why consumers might choose them over your brand, where they may have strategies that need to be countered and how you can exploit gaps in the market.

Reputation Management

Applying sentiment analysis enables you to measure the positive and negative feedback being expressed by your audience. By paying attention to how your customers feel, you can capitalise on the positives and mitigate the negatives.

Audience Engagement

By taking the time to not only listen to your audience, but to consistently engage with them, you can identify new ways to meet their needs and optimise your product or service offering for the highest possible engagement.

How We Can Help

Customer Engagement

Customers don’t always tag brands or channels directly on social media. Instead, they may use hashtags, phrases or other references in their place. We can set up appropriate tracking to ensure you never miss a chance to engage.

Sentiment Analysis

We can recommend and configure the necessary tools, enabling you to gain an overall picture of what people are saying and feeling about your brand — whether they’re excited about a recent purchase or upset by a failed support call.

Content sourcing

Social listening tools can be highly effective in finding relevant new content to share. By setting up content alerts, we enable you to be immediately aware when people are talking about you, providing positive content to share across your social channels.

Competitor Analysis

We can apply the same analysis and monitoring tools that we implement for keeping track of your own brand to help you stay abreast of how your biggest competitors are performing in your shared markets.

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