Google Analytics is the de-facto web analytics service used by organisations ranging from 1-man startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. While it is an amazingly powerful tool, many users are unaware how or unable to configure it beyond the basic vanity metrics to extract the most relevant and valuable information for their business from the vast pool of data it offers

Key Benefits

Monitoring audiences

Identify problem areas on your site to inform your user experience and conversion rate optimisation efforts by measuring bounce rates and critical path drop-off

Measuring performance

Benchmark the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns by analysing and segmenting the visitors being driven to your site

Measuring website ROI

Determine how much revenue is being generated through your site, directly or indirectly, by setting relevant goals and ascribing appropriate value to them

How We Can Help

Custom Reports

It’s impossible to get maximum value from the generic reports Analytics provides by default. We set up custom reports that include the most relevant metrics for your organisation and nothing else

Goal Configuration

Goals are one of the most valuable tools provided by Analytics, enabling you to monitor audience behaviour and site performance. We help you identify and configure the most appropriate goals for your business

Spam Filtering

Spammers present a very real challenge for some Analytics users, as they can significantly distort the data collected. We implement comprehensive filtering to ensure your reports remain completely accurate

PPC Support

We can help improve the performance of your Google Adwords campaigns by configuring your Analytics instance to collect audience insights critical to your strategic decision-making

Want real value from your analytics?

Let us help you extract meaningful insights into your audiences