Market intelligence empowers an organisation to make informed strategic decisions based on continuous, broad knowledge of a given marketplace, including market size, trends and segments; pricing structures; industry benchmarks; competitor performance and activity; consumer loyalty, satisfaction levels and concerns

Key Benefits

Raising Customer Loyalty

Accurate market intelligence can help organisations to strengthen brand loyalty by enabling swift responses based on early insights into developing market trends and a clearer understanding of customer needs, preferences and concerns.

Increasing Agility

Organisations can become more agile and enjoy first mover advantage if they have access to relevant, timely data; accurate and reliable insights; and an effective strategy in place. With possession of these resources, any brand can develop a competitive edge in their market.

Improving Efficiency

MI can drive greater efficiency by identifying process failures, providing real-time information, and helping organisations to devise strategies to mitigate potential risks. Moreover, it encourages consistency, reliability and responsiveness across business operations.

How We Can Help

Search Intelligence

We enable organisations to forecast developing trends with accuracy and discover new market opportunities, using global search data as a foundation for your strategies. You can analyse your market share, commercial value and the quality of your competition, helping you to position your brand at the top of the most valuable searches.

Social Intelligence

By tracking the life-cycles of hot topics, organisations can determine whether trends are worthy of investment, or whether they’re just passing distractions. We allow you to uncover invaluable details about your audience and their trending interests by following top performing content and hashtags across multiple social networks.

PPC Intelligence

By providing competitive insights into pay-per-click trends, we help organisations to uncover the successful strategies used by the market leaders, enabling you make well-informed adjustments to your own advertising campaigns in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Market Performance Reports

Taking in-depth data aggregated from search, social and paid advertising sources, teams can access a holistic view of any sector. We combine data from all of our intelligence platforms and package them into a single, comprehensive report providing a birds-eye view of your specific market.

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