Having a clear understanding of the final objectives is a critical component of any successful delivery project. Requirements analysis is the process of discovering, analysing, defining, and documenting the objectives and expectations of all stakeholders in order to assess the resources needed to complete it.

Key Benefits

Improved Efficiency

Involving all interested parties in the analysis process ensures that wasted time and effort over the course of the project is minimised through a common understanding of expectations, constraints and objectives.

Increased Business Value

A thorough requirements analysis process ensures that stakeholders get the outcomes they actually need — as opposed to the ones they thought they wanted — allowing the organisation to move forwards more efficiently.

Cost Savings

By identifying the key stakeholders in your project and carefully evaluating their respective, sometimes conflicting, requirements, the expense of identifying and resolving unforeseen issues post-delivery can be greatly reduced.

How We Can Help

Stakeholder Analysis

While the end-users of the final deliverable are usually considered as the primary stakeholders, we will identify any other relevant parties with a vested interest, including suppliers, partners, staff and the business owners themselves.

Requirements Gathering

With all key stakeholders identified, we can then capture the relevant requirements from each group by conducting workshops and interviews; developing scenarios and user journeys; or possibly building mockups and prototypes.


Not all requirements are created equal, so we help the stakeholders to define the relative importance of all given requirement to avoid time and effort being spent on extraneous functionality, while critical features remain incomplete.


Once a complete requirements set has been captured and prioritised, we document it in a clear, digestible format that allows both technical and non-technical stakeholders to collectively review and understand the stated expectations.

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