User experience (UX) is a complex discipline that endeavours to improve all the interactions an individual has with your brand. This includes all touch-points across your your website, apps, marketing campaigns, social accounts and support channels. In an increasingly competitive landscape, UX is important tool to help you catch and retain consumer attention

Key Benefits

Improving Customer Loyalty

Retention rate is especially important for ecommerce sites. UX practitioners track customer interactions, determine customer satisfaction ratings, gather usability scores, and collect other relevant data to identify ways to improve their interaction.

Increasing Revenue

To increase conversions, UX practitioners thoroughly investigate how to improve the customer journey and usability that directly impacts sales. Some of the key areas to focus on are ease of use, simplification of critical paths and designing compelling calls to action.

Cost Savings

Good UX design is the result of comprehensive user research, information architecture design, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. Deeply considering the needs of end users in advance minimises expensive post-launch oversights and redesigns.

How We Can Help


We conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative research, enabling all stakeholders to fully understand the business objectives, market and target customers, plus the overall goals, constraints and expectations of the project.


We sift through the findings from our research to produce actionable and shareable insights into the needs and motivations of the defined personas, enabling the project to maintain a clear focus on the target audience.


We work with you to agree the overall strategy for the intended experience, establishing the definition and set of principles that will be used to inform the design and development process.

Design and Prototyping

We apply all the constraints and insights from our research against the business and technical requirements in order to create journey maps, wireframes, visual mockups and interactive prototypes.

What Our Customers Say

The assistance and support we received was excellent. The advice, details and communications Pixeloute provided was given in a manner that the inexperienced members of the team could easily understand. Pixeloute was brilliant and gave more help than we thought we needed!
Redouane Abbad, Groupr
We loved the UX workshops where we wire-framed the screens for our app together as a team. The whole team were overwhelmed by the quality of work and it goes without saying that we will definitely engage Laith for future projects. Pixeloute does more than deliver solutions and adds value by educating the team on UX best practices.
Dean Bryan, Muebox


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