A cohesive content marketing strategy encompasses production, acquisition, management, organisation, publication, targeting and quality control. By making all relevant content available when, where and how a user needs it, brands can ensure there are no barriers to continuous engagement with their audiences.

Key Benefits

Increasing Traffic

By publishing highly-targeted content for your intended audience, you can build subject matter authority, driving larger numbers of visitors to your site

Raising awareness

Developing consistent content to form stronger relationships with your desired audience will inspiring brand advocates who will organically amplify your messaging

Improving Rankings

If your content offers genuine value, your increasing profile and reputation will boost your rankings, helping your visibility and ultimately generating more leads

How We Can Help

Goal Setting

By helping you to clearly define your goals and the metrics used to measure your progress towards them, we enable you to more efficiently determine the priorities and targets of your content marketing strategy.

Persona Research

Understanding the consumers you’re targeting is key to producing effective content. We help you to develop clear personas defining the challenges, motivations and distinguishing characteristics of your key audiences.

Audience Needs Research

We enable you to understand what your audiences really want to know by researching search keywords and social media trends, and conducting interviews with your marketing team and actual customers.

Content Audit

Conducting an audit allows to maximise value from your current resources. We help you to locate and catalogue your current content, assessing how effectively it meets your business goals and audience needs.

Content Planning

By mapping where and when your audience chooses to consume content, we can create a well-informed plan and schedule for your content publication, organised across personas, channels and funnel stages.

Performance Analysis

It’s vital to constantly assess the performance of your content marketing strategy and to refine to maximise your audience engagement. We’ll guide you through identifying and configuring the best tools to help you do stay at the top.

What Our Customers Say

Pixeloute gave a very prompt and professional service, as well as took the time to understand what I wanted and helped more with our content strategy.
Sophia Nichols, British Union Conference

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